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Paramount specialises in manufacturing XLPE cables ranging from 3300 volts to 33000 volts with sizes upto 1000 sq mm.
Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Electric or XLPE Power Cables possesses excellent electrical, mechanical and heat-resistant properties. It has an advantage over paper insulated cables because of its easy maintenance. Due to the invention of advanced XLPE insulation, EHV cables are also available today. Paramount XLPE cables are manufactured and tested in accordance with IS: 7098 (Part II) and other international standards.
  Sustained Current Rating of HT XLPE Cables:
The current ratings of HT XLPE cables given in the different tables are based on the following assumptions:

i) Maximum conductor temperature for conditions operation 90 deg C
ii) Ambient air temperature 40 deg C
iii) Ground temperature 30 deg C
iv) Thermal resistivity of soil 150 deg cm/Watt
v) Depth of laying (to the highest point of the cables laid direct in the ground) 90 cm

  Method of Installation
1. Multi core cables are installed singly.
2. Single core cables are laid in trefoil formation.

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