Common Mistakes People Usually Make While Choosing Wires For Home

Feb 20, 2021 | By Paramount

Whether you are getting a new home or just making some small electrical remodeling, you\'re probably missing out on focusing on one primary decision - the wires. Expecting a person to know all about wires and electrical energy is unreasonable, and that\'s why we are there to save your day. However, there are a few common mistakes that people usually commit while choosing the best wires for household purposes, like laying ground electrical wiring, setting up a meter, or installing an air conditioner. Read on to find out how you can avoid major mishappening by just picking the right electrical wire.

One size doesn\'t fit all!

There\'s a reason why just like there\'s a wide variety of paints, wires also come in different shapes and sizes - all made for a particular application. Consulting experts, or better, leaving it up to a licensed electrician, is the best way to ensure that you\'re picking the correct wire. You can buy a wire that\'s made just for the application. If you\'re choosing one wire for all kinds of wiring needs, you are inviting short-circuits, heating, or the device\'s improper functioning.

Overlooking the quality

It goes without saying that the quality of a wire determines how well that connection will run. If you go for a loosely protected wire over a Lead-Free, Heat Resistant (LFHR) and Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS), you can\'t expect it to work for long. To cut the chase of wire-shopping, check out our range of Solar Cables, Building Wires,Multicore Cables,  Fire-Survival Cables, and so much more! Our best quality wires are non-toxic, environment-friendly, pollution-free, lead-free, and flexible to match your needs.

Rusty Mutilated cables

If the wire is rusty or nicked, you can\'t guarantee the smooth functioning of the equipment. Also, it can cause severe electrical shocks to the person using it or installing it. If you\'re buying wires for several appliances, you must go for the Multicore wire by Paramount Cables. It has PVC insulated cores that use 99.97% pure bright electrolyte grade copper conductors with high insulation resistance & dielectric strength. The application extends to a range of machines like appliances, control panels, and even bigger machinery for industry usage.

If you’re using best-in-class domestic wires, then you can rest assured that your home is guarded against any electrical hazard. Good quality building wires or domestic wires must be heat-resistant, flame-resistant, fire-resistant, and eco-friendly. They must be long-lasting, have lead-free properties, and best in safety without taxing any additional cost.  The best-quality product can enable you to exponent your power-saving and energy-saving as well.

Why do you need the \'right\' wiring?

You must focus on the type of wire you choose because we use multiple electrical appliances simultaneously throughout the day. Minor neglect can cause electrical mishaps. If the wire and wiring are done correctly, it can save you more energy while being in its best condition for a lifetime.

That\'s why Paramount Cables manufacture wires that are bespoke for a particular wiring requirement. The company has served clients overseas for years and honed countless government projects, which certifies our expertise. The goal is to serve quality to help a user rest assured that their home is backed with high-quality products.