Copper Wire v/s Aluminum Wire

Jan 15, 2021 | By Paramount

Is your new home under construction? Or are you facing electrical issues with the existing wiring set-up at your home? Not sure which wiring you should choose for a safer home? We are here to help you with your decision.

For cabling solutions at your home or office, the wire and cable industry uses a variety of metal conductors but Copper & Aluminum are the most common in the manufacturing of electrical wires. These metals are best suited for different applications because of their unique properties. Here are the most common differences between Copper & Aluminum wires.

Copper is the preferred wiring for your home over aluminum because of its ease of use and ability to effectively conduct electricity. It is more stable, durable, and performs better than aluminum wires.  Copper is known to have better Conductivity than Aluminium. Copper wire is more expensive whereas the cost of aluminum wires is comparatively low but they are corrosive and can cause a fire.

Let’s talk a little bit more about each type of wiring, separately.

Copper Wiring

Copper wiring is often preferred over aluminum wiring. Copper's tensile strength is about 40 percent better than that of aluminum and thus Copper is less likely to break. This is important considering that electrical wiring is sometimes mounted by pulling it through ports and feeders. It can break during installation if the wiring is weak or fragile. 

Copper wiring has a lower thermal expansion. This means it doesn’t expand as much as aluminum wiring when exposed to heat. And when electricity flows through electrical wiring, its temperature increases. One of the disadvantages that might stop you from opting for copper wiring is its cost. So, if extensive wiring is required, copper wiring can be too expensive for you.


Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum is also a common material used in the construction of electrical wires. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring is not as strong as copper wiring, and it has a higher thermal expansion coefficient. But still, there are advantages of using aluminum wiring. Aluminium Wiring is cheaper and lighter than copper wiring, almost half the price. Using aluminum wiring for a residential home or commercial building saves a lot of money. On one hand, copper wires are strong, better conductivity and on the other hand, aluminum wires are preferred for Fixed Installation. Aluminium has a significantly higher specific electrical resistivity than copper. This difference is highly relevant for power cables. 

Aluminium conductor requires 56% larger cross-sectional area than copper for same current carrying capability.

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