How to Bring Seasonal Electrical Products like AC, Inverters, and Coolers Back into Action

Feb 15, 2021 | By Paramount

Summer has officially commenced in the country, and as expected, this year is going to be warmer than usual for Indian states. The temperature rise indicates an immediate call to get your summer appliances out and running before the hot winds take the cool out of your abode. Indian households host a variety of electrical appliances like Air Conditioners, Coolers, Inverters, etc., as some of the ground summer essentials. 

Here\'s a quick guide to help you get into the drill of bringing your summer appliances back into action. Read on or consult a licensed electrician to make sure that you get your share of some summer chills as the temperature keeps soaring.

Summer calls for re-wiring

Air Conditioners and coolers are completely out of usage during the colder months. It\'s crucial that before plugging them in, you get good maintenance done for such electrical appliances. Furthermore, it\'s equally salient that the domestic wires connecting these appliances are of superior quality. As the electricity transmission exponents during summers, the cables connecting them must be top-notch quality to serve sufficient energy. If you\'re oblivious of electrical works, then let the licensed team of electricians do the job for you. They inspect the system diligently to ensure maximum safety, efficiency, and durability.

Stronger electrical layouts

Summer appliances vacuum enormous amounts of electrical energy and demand optimum amperage from power sources. This demand also puts a load on your overall electrical layout and, of course, the main grid. Such exorbitant consumptions cause short circuits and brownouts as well, which are common yet easily avoidable. If you are noticing signs of weak electric circuits, then get them fixed with the best quality wires that are non-toxic. Making such amends before using heavy electrical appliances will not just save you from unfortunate accidents at home but also help you become efficient in power-saving and energy-saving.

Give a new life to old switchboards

Switchboards at home are used continuously over the years, and we rarely pay attention to a broken wire that needs some repairing. If you have been using a switchboard for several years without getting it re-wired, then this might be the right opportunity to do so. Paramount Cables ensure that you use the correct size and type of wire. An ideal wire should be heat resistant, lead-free, and made of special PVC that enhance the life of the wire. Not just that, a quality wire will also bolster the electrical transmission, make your appliance more efficient, and put less load on the power source. You can buy whichever cable matches your needs at reasonable prices from Paramount Cables. 

Protection against power cuts

Summers are also heavy on power cuts, which means that you also need a reliable stabilizer, inverter, or UPS at your home and workplace. These appliances deliver an uninterrupted cooling experience and save you from the inconvenience due to power cuts. To ensure that these lifesavers are running smoothly, you have to give them optimum wiring.

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Avoid electrical overload

The hottest hours can often become your testing times as well. There are certain practices that you need to be mindful of to avoid electric overload. Moderate usage of heavy appliances tops the list, followed by regular inspection, keeping an eye on wires, and using the correct amperage plug for an outlet. Of course, using quality wires and cables won\'t hurt you.

Lastly, keep in mind that your building wires are Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS), heat-resistant, flame-resistant, and eco-friendly, pollution-free, and easy on the environment with lead-free properties. It\'s often observed that issues like overloading, short-circuit, melting of poor-quality wire can lead to severe electrical fire cases. Smoke fuming out of such fire can be extremely hazardous and cause lung cancer, throat cancer, and even fatal conditions. Summertime can be a little harsh on your wiring system hence demanding better quality wires and cables.