How Can We Save On Our Electricity Bills During Summers?

Apr 15, 2021 | By Paramount

Indian summer is notorious for its record-breaking temperament and creating an immediate demand for home appliances. The sudden upsurge in electrical consumption also questions energy-saving, which is a significant concern for most Indian households. Energy conservation has become both an economical as well as an environmental issue now.

Each year, we add a new appliance to our house and forget about focusing on whittling down the electricity bill. If you’re looking to make some minor tweaks or up for an extensive upgrade to save electricity, you’ve landed at the right space. Get summer-ready with this quick guide to save electricity and money!

Inspect around

You can call a licensed electrician to inspect your property to check for possible faulty connections, wrong wiring setups, insulation quality, cable quality and so on. This audit will help you identify which appliance is taking up the most electricity and get it fixed. Always use high-quality house wires that are excellent in quality and endurance. This small audit will help you make simple improvements that were long due and sucked all the energy that made the most of your electricity bill. You can also request the electrician to help you identify if your house wires are fire-resistant and best in terms of safety.

Get an upgrade

It’s time to take a trip down at the electrical Appliance Showroom and bump-up your older appliances for the latest ones. Now, the objective is to buy appliances that support energy saving. You can just get the major electrical appliances like AC, refrigerator, inverter, and cooler exchanged for better ones that provide more efficiency in lesser power. If you’re keeping a watch on your wallet, then you can go for some rewiring instead. It’s also advisable to use non-toxic, environment-friendly, pollution-free, FRLS (Fire Retardant Low Smoke) building wires and house wires. The best quality domestic wires are the ones that are lead-free, fire-resistant, heat-resistant, flame-resistant and help you in power-saving as well.

Go Solar

Solar Panels have become a thing of today, and it’s here to sustain for longer. It’s an excellent resort to save money and nature if you have some initial investment. Solar energy cuts down your electricity bills dramatically and makes you less dependent on just one electricity source. If you’re getting these installed, make sure you pay heeds to the wiring.

Paramount Cables offers solar cables that can game-up your energy usage this summer. India is observing a rising trend in more people adopting Solar Panels. Also, you can get your rooftop landscaped to add to its beauty. Isn’t it just the perfect way to cut down on electricity bills and become more eco-friendly?

Watch smaller appliances

We all tend to leave our phones on charging overnight or leave the laptop on sleep mode when not in use. To make the enormous impact, you need to watch out for smaller changes. Leaving lights on, microwave unattended, using more than what’s used when it comes to air conditioning your room and so on. These are a few things that can add some extra bucks to your bills. Give your habits some policing, and start saving big.

In conclusion, there’s more than one traditional way to save electricity. It’s all in the smaller things. Time your electrical usage, use only what’s required, buy best quality products that don’t consume extra energy, and motivate your family members to follow the same. If you’re getting some electrical work done, make sure you use the best wires for home that help you achieve your goals and sustain for longer.