Major Causes of Electrical Short Circuits During Summers

Apr 20, 2021 | By Paramount

Our lives are now entirely dependent on electricity, and summertime specifically demands more of it. Even a minor power outage can make us unsettled, and more pressing issues like the malfunctioning of AC, refrigerators, or food processors can get us more vexed. A regular household runs on multiple electrical appliances, and if they're not looked after, then the chances of short circuits shoot up. Here's a list of commonly observed causes of electrical short circuits during summers. Read on to find out what you need to steer clear of this summer season to maintain safety.

Sensitive electric grids

Summers calls for ACs in full swing and them cooling your space throughout the day. Not just that, we also use more appliances like inverters, coolers, refrigerators, etc., more than ever during the warmer months of the year. This puts extreme stress on the transmission line that carries electricity to your homes. The limited capacity of these house wires can cause short circuits. Always consult a licensed electrician who will help you understand the quality of wires and safety procurement while executing projects.

Electrical overload

If your appliances are acting-up, flickering, blinking, or dimming when you turn them on, then you might have some electrical overload in-store. Other explicit signs of electrical overload are frequent tripping of the circuit, buzzing sound from the receptor, warming of the plate or wall, burning odour from the receptor, or mild shocks. Now, the electrical overload could be caused due to excessive use of an appliance or a subpar quality product. The latter being the most common reason for the electrical overload. To avoid such electrical hazards at home, make sure you use the best quality and eco-friendly building wires. Heat-resistant wires work impressively in high temperatures and that’s why they make for a great pick. You can choose from the range of wires and cables like Domestic Cables to strengthen your home electrical setup. Each of these products are made to strengthen your electrical set-up with flexible wires that are non-toxic, lead-free, FRLS (Fire Retardant Low Smoke), environment-friendly, and pollution-free.

Unkempt appliances

Most of our appliances are home to dust and dirt when they are not used during the second half of the year. Lack of usage makes them demand good maintenance when they're brought back into action. You can get some rewiring done using standard products to have efficient maintenance and cut the chances of short circuits. It's quintessential that the wires of heavy appliances are of superior quality and offer great endurance and safety to the user. Timely maintenance of summer appliances can save you from short circuits to a great extent. You can opt for cables with fire-resistant, heat-resistant, and flame-resistant qualities to mitigate any fire incidents.

Undersized wire

Short circuits are also caused when the wiring that's providing you electricity can't withstand the power transmission as per demands. This is a product of undervaluing your wire size and using an inappropriate wire that can't meet the amperage needs. A licensed electrician can assist with wiring services and an accurate calculation of the wire size. We help you cover your home with quality house wires that are made to fit your needs. Also, the cable's proper sizing will enhance the system's consistency, safety, and reliability. Picking the right size of a house wire can be a great way to boost your power-saving and energy-saving. 

This summer, make sure you don't fall trap to tripping wires and only get the best wires for your home from Paramount Cables. Not just heavy appliances, even the light systems like telecom needs to be protected with best quality products to help you have a smooth summer sailing and beat the heat without getting beaten-up by tangling wiring systems.