Why Wires Come In Different Colors?

May 19, 2021 | By Paramount

A continuous electric supply implies a continuance of a smooth livelihood. Our daily activities are practically dependent upon the availability of this mutable but controlled electrical supply. For this to occur, a structured and well-planned system of wires and cables is extremely vital. Straight from the length of wires to its color codes, each one of the characteristics of wires plays an eminent role in the rightful flow and operation of the system in a holistic manner.

All the countries around the world follow a certain set of color-coded wire systems when it comes to electrical networks. As one of the pioneers of India's cables and wires industries, Paramount Cables has always manifested to fill this knowledge gap. While the demand for good sustainable wires has grown, so has scepticism when it comes to understanding why we use wires in different colors. So, let's help you get a broader idea about why electrical wires come in different colors.

Makes the wires recognizable

An electrical casualty can cause a huge loss of life and property; keeping this in mind, even in the smallest of electrical short circuits, the color-coded wires can help to affirm and apprehend the wires and successfully reconstruct them. The standard color-coded wires are immensely helpful in identifying and locating the problems that have occurred in a particular segment of electrical circuits.  

Categorizes as per the functionality

The wires are often color-coded based on the types of electric flow through the wires, type of current, phases of the wires, and on the basis or order of connection. To give a much-generalized idea - as per Indian Electrical Standards, we use the black, red, green colors for neutral, live, and Earth wires, respectively. Hence, the classification of wires with the help of color codes is a much convenient way of keeping it organized.

Keeps Electrical Circuits organized

The incorporated structure is made much systematic and straightforward. The position of each wire is extremely vital for the proper flow of current. Every electrical component has its role in the functioning of the system, not to mention the orientation of neutral, phase, or any wire cannot be compromised.  

Makes restoration easier

The advantages to the usage of color-coded wires are exceptional when it comes to the task of maintenance and repairing of wires in circuits. As mentioned, the identifiability of the wires increases the accuracy of the potential of the mechanic or an electrician to mend and repair the short circuits.


How Paramount Cables is contributing

We understand that the work of every individual wire is unique. Thus, this makes the job of restoring processes a critical one, where the synchronization of each wire and its positioning is non-interchangeable. While the usage of cables and wires has widened its horizons from a simpler load to a much larger complex order, the importance and vitality of the wires remain the same in all forms.

This is why wires come in different colors to prioritize the type of wire used in the electrical appliances, giving each colored wire a different purpose and making installation easier. Moreover, it is helpful in the maintenance of the electrical system. Also, it makes the process of connecting and integrating the different components of the circuit with accuracy and as per the requirement.


Paramount Cables and Wires have been consistent with the best quality products with an emphasis on sustainability by power-saving and energy-saving. Thus, to prioritize quality in the sustenance of appliances, a system of such manner has been applied.