Why Wires Come in Different Sizes?

Jan 20, 2021 | By Paramount

Electricity runs our homes and thus, our lives. Our homes need a wide range of power options to run a variety of appliances, both big and small. That’s why proper electrical wiring installation is of great importance. This includes installation of properly sized wires for proper operation and electrical safety. Here are some points that will help you understand why wires come in different sizes.

The purpose of any wire is to transmit power at a certain distance with the least amount of resistance. The more power and equipment you have, the larger the wire size needs to be. If too small wire size is used, the wire would deteriorate and its Insulation would melt because of the large amount of current flowing through it compared to rated capacity of the cable. The smaller the wire diameter, the higher the resistance there will be to the flow of energy. When you have high resistance, you generate heat that can turn into a fire hazard.

Proper wire size is important for any electrical wire installation. The wire size represents the diameter of the wire conductor. The wire gauge refers to the current-carrying capacity of the wire or how much amperage the wire can withstand safely. When selecting the correct size of the wire, consider the wire area, the wire power, and what the wire would be used for. Proper sizing of cabling is most important for the reliability, consistency and safety of the system.

The oversize cable is a waste of money and under-size can cause short circuit or fire. Also, you have to consider the type of cable (single-core, multi-core) whatever is suitable for your application. Last but not the least is the way you lay the cable. You must take into consideration that the cable is in trunking or on cable trays.

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