EPC Services

Paramount Cables provides an integrated range of project services with the highest quality and safety standards. We offer EPC services on our own as well as in association with other established equipment manufacturers and construction companies in India and internationally.

Our understanding and assessment of project risks, especially involving complex technologies, difficult locations or circumstances or in a lump-sum or fixed price contracting environment, give us the ability to selectively enter into markets or accept projects where we can perform best. Due to these factors, we have established a reputation for demonstrating efficient project management and engineering capabilities, supply chain management, and project execution with on-site decision-making capabilities.

We follow a very project specific risk management and mitigation strategy. At the core of this strategy is our in-depth understanding and capability, based on vast execution experience, to identify various project risks. Assessment and profiling of risks lead to a variegated management/ mitigation strategy that is project specific and most appropriate for the type of risk.

We offer complete turnkey services for Construction, Design, Supply, Engineering, Installation testing & commissioning for:

  • Turnkey projects of Optical Fiber Cabling.
  • Turnkey projects of OPGW Offline/Online.
  • PIDS : Pipeline Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • In-house expertise for Submarine Fiber Optics Systems
    and Undersea cable repair, onshore jobs.

We offer complete turnkey services

We follow highest quality and safety standards